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“To Pause a Moment”


The exhibition displays some of photographer Yair Meyuhas’s works which document the activity in the Kelim Choreography Center over the past seven years. 

Yair’s photography is direct and un-staged. He pauses the moment created by the choreographer. He pauses the dynamic movement of the moving body in space, pauses time, pauses the breath and captures - for a moment - the colors, light, and shadows. 

While dance uses the language of movement, Yair’s still photography uses a language of stillness,  of freezing. By capturing a single and singular moment, Yair creates a sort of personal interpretation to the artistic creation of another, that of the choreographer or dancer. He is an artist, translating dance through his photographs and thus re-articulating his own loves, moods, and personality. 


In this way, Yair becomes a choreographer of photography. He photographs the dance works at Kelim, texts comprising movement, music, light, voice, clothing, energy, sweat, spirit and body. He crystalizes them into interesting, complex and timeless composition, granting them eternal life. 

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