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One Room Flat, 2020

A video by Yair Meyuhas and Nir Vidan

Choreography based on the dance performance ´GLASS´ by Nir Vidan​

The solo ´GLASS´ was created by Nir Vidan in collaboration with Diethild Meier, Sharon Cohen, Ran Brown, Tomer Damsky, Ari Teperberg and Tamar Kisch, and with the support of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Kelim Choreography Center - Bat Yam, Yasmeen Godder Studio. 

Video credits: 

Concept, camera and editing: Yair Meyuhas

Choreography and performance: Nir Vidan

Artistic Consultation: Ari Teperberg

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